Shrugs are unisex but since they have been associated mostly with women, one should be careful while donning shrugs. Here are a few fashion tricks for men to dress up and look hot in a shrug.


1. Layer Up:

Since woolens don’t hold themselves up well, you need to layer them up to look good and stylish. If you layer shrugs with a funky printed shirt or aV-neck cardigan, it creates the illusion of the much desired V-shaped body.

2. Know your Fabric:

When you are out buying fashion clothing, never forget to choose your fabric well. You could try denim shrugs, woolen shrugs or nylon shrugs. Never go for cotton or even worse net shrugs; they look repugnant and not to mention girly.


3. Color and Length:

Go for dark or neutral shades while choosing shrugs. Colors like coffee, dark maroon, navy blue, black, gray or beige work great. Keep in mind that high waist shrugs are not for men; always opt for waist length or long shrugs.

4. Add a dash of your own style:

To give your attire a personality, never forget to add your personal touch. Be it a cap, a lapel pin, a beanie or a muffler; it could be anything that you like to wear or that suits you. Remember what makes you feel good automatically makes you look happy and attractive.


Dress up warm, cozy and sexy this winter. Play with new styles and trends, tune in to the season and be smitten by the stares and compliments that follow. Happy winter styling!