Power dressing is a real thing. Hear us out, for appearance may not be everything but the impression is. Patterns on your suit or shirt may not matter to you, but if you want to impress the big client you have to be remembered.

When wearing patterns, there is a thumb rule; one of the three basic elements – suit, shirt, tie, should be solid or plain. Well, the rule isn’t etched in history, but unless you look like Benedict Cumberbatch we think you should apply it.

1. Pinstripes:

Pinstripes scream professionalism and are also less flexible than other patterns. However, since the stripes are so thin unless you look closely they might give a solid appearance. That in a way is its strength, pinstripes have the ability to camouflage and appear once you’ve noticed them closely. The same way you spot a quiet girl at the party and only realize how much fun she is till you notice and begin talking to her.

Owing to their unconventional appearance, pinstripes may not be the right stripes for your date night in the hope to look taller appear thinner or strike a spark. However, for work and business, subtle pinstripe shirts with a dull base and the go-to solid blues and whites that professionals have been banking on for decades work quite well.

2. Checks:

Checks – cleverly disguise men as responsible adults. Checks come in two styles, which can be categorized, into busy and clean patterns. Thought you knew all about shirts? Well, a busy pattern has more lines and edges while cleaner patterns tend to have small and distinct squares. Heading out for a date or casual day at work pick the latter. Busy pattern checks are more suited for a Saturday night chilled out party or a game night with the boys.

Experimentation is not all that bad. Team a clean checked shirt with a tie and a dark blazer for a formal look or tuck it in with jeans for a sharp yet minimalistic outfit.

3. Winner:

Well if you want to vote the pros and cons, I think we have a clear winner here. Checks! They never seem to go out of fashion and there is one for everyone’s need. Casual to formal style them the way you like, on the other hand, pinstripes are sharp but restrict you from experimenting with colors and looks.

However, one thing that goes with both the patterns are quirky and cool socks. Grab ‘em now!