Do you ever find yourself standing in the men’s section with your thinking hat on, contemplating over that classy piece of French cuff shirt you aren’t sure you will be able to pull off? Or maybe your better half pulled you by the elbow, forcing you to get yourself a pair of cufflinks just because ‘some’ handsome guy was wearing them! Well, she isn’t entirely wrong.

Cufflinks, no matter how hard to wear, can steal the show with their aristocratic aura. Here are some fairly compelling reasons why you should try this latest trend!

1. They are classier than buttons :

Cufflinks are classic fashion taken to the next level. You may fasten your cuffs with the most decorative buttons, but none would stand a chance in front of these bells n whistles! Plus the fact that French cuffs look way attractive than the regular, old-school cuffs!

2. Trendsetting men accessorise themselves :

We are not asking you to load yourselves with gold chains and bracelets; just a few pieces of subtle and low-key accessories. A pair of simple and elegant cufflinks will add a bit of charm to your monochromatic attire.

3. Dress to impress :

Whether you are prepping for a job interview or dressing up for a date, cufflinks can be a real game changer. A symbol of style and class, cufflinks can get you some new found confidence in scoring anything that comes your way- job or girl!

4. Look rich, feel rich :

Cufflinks, for many decades, have been an ornament for the aristocratic class only. If people outside of this cadre wore them, they looked downright pretentious. Not anymore! Cufflinks can be worn by anyone who knows how to pull them off. What you wear DOES leave an impression on the audience!

So, the decision is yours; whether you want to rock the men’s fashion world with this tiny yet powerful addition, or simply pick some funky and gaudy accessories to promote hippie fashion!