No matter how much relief it is to experience a downpour after the scorching heat of summers, monsoons come with their own bag of snags. Besides playing safe with the mosquitoes and waterlogged roads, you also need to be watchful of the food you eat.

So, here are a few cheat sheets about the best diet for men to stay healthy in the rains:

1. Drink (boiled water) like fish :

Water tapers off the harmful bacteria that enter your body. Hence, odds of suffering from water-borne diseases, diarrhoea and stomach infection cut to black. However, make sure you choose boiled water instead of the regular, tap one, since boiling the water kills any unseen virus present in it.

2. Go high on antioxidants rich food :

Healthy foods for men that are rich in antioxidants help you stave off those pesky monsoon sniffles and coughs by boosting your immunity. Easier said than done, but try to replace those steaming pakoras with gourds, pumpkin, berries and capsicum. Create crunchy salads if you can’t bear their raw sight. Also, stay away from water-based fruits like watermelon and muskmelon, as they attract bacteria from the atmosphere.

3. Bye bye street vendors & fried food! :

You read it right! We are asking you to bid farewell to that world-famous samosa, kachori and bhelpuri vendor who makes mouth-watering chaats. No matter how hygienic these street vendors try to be while making and storing street food, they can’t shove off the invisible infectants flooding the air in rainy weather. In humid weather, your body behaves the worst in terms of digestion capacity. Hence, these unhealthy, high on fat food items will do nothing except upsetting your stomach!

Following these healthy food habits during monsoon will make sure you enjoy a romantic, rainy weather with your partner instead of lying on the bed with a thermometer in your mouth!