Every man wants to look good, but in today’s fast paced life you need to learn the tricks of the trade pretty quick. From using the best grooming products to busting marketing hoax, our ingenious grooming tips will help you save both time and money. Looking good just got easier, men!

1. Shave after you shower :

A well-groomed beard is something every man desires but is unable to achieve. Here is a little shaving secret that will give you a closer and cleaner shave every single time. Always shave after a hot, steamy shower. This opens up your skin follicles and prevents your skin from getting bumps from an uneven shave. Try this little grooming hack for a fast and effortless shave. Don’t forget to slather on some men’s face lotion for good-looking, hydrated skin.

2. Conditioner – a brilliant substitute for shaving cream :

Squeezed out the last drop of shaving cream? Use your conditioner instead! Conditioners are rich and moist in texture and thus, act as the best shaving cream for men. They even work well for down there! Conditioners take care of all the sensitive areas, making your shave smooth and leaving your skin feeling softer than before.

3. Lip Balms are not just for women! :

Even the most experienced men face cuts when shaving. However, it does not need to look like a war field on your face. Just dab on some lip balm and stop the blood from oozing out.

4. Bad Breath is a real turn off :

Bad breath and yellow teeth, yuck! Save yourself from embarrassment because sometimes, brushing alone is not the only way to have a healthy mouth. Soft lips will not save you if you have bad breath. Clean your tongue every day and keep your mouth well hydrated to kill bacteria that trigger bad breath. Also, try to rinse your mouth after eating to prevent any smelly bacteria, and slowly, you will see whiter, cleaner teeth. As a backup, always keep some mint with you.

Use these four everyday grooming hacks and elevate your sense of style beyond basic. These handy tricks will have you looking your best every time you step out.