Have you been thinking of giving your dull look a new avatar? Well, hair colour does the trick! This new fashion style has seen such a surge over the past few years that you’d hardly find any man with a natural colour on the head. And why not! With so many brands exhibiting their grooming products on the shelves, who wouldn’t want to keep changing his looks!

But it’s important to strike a balance in the race of looking different. Here is why you should or shouldn’t go for extreme hair colours:

Pros of getting your mane coloured!

1. It’s a non-committal fashion :

It’s not like you would get your hair coloured in your favourite, perky blue and be done with it for the rest of your life! Hair colours are temporary men’s fashion and would disappear before you hit the next financial year!

2. It’s good to be updated:

In this constantly evolving fashion world, it’s downright mandatory to show the ropes. Hair colour is the ultimate forerunner of the salon world, which makes you look modish and trendy! And extreme hair colours can upgrade your boring office guy look to that ‘fun’ guy loved by all!

And now the Cons!

3. Extreme hair colours require hair bleaching! :

Extreme hair colours require pre-put bleach so that your blonde doesn’t appear orange or golden. Your tresses need to be whitened to get the perfect colour texture. And the wrath of bleach isn’t a secret, right!

4. Extreme hair colours don’t last long :

Your hair, damaged with the bleach, will not be able to sustain the colour for long, as the bleach plays with your hair’s porosity. Eventually, you will lose the extreme colour and be left with ugly, frizzy, bleached hair in the end! So, there’s no point spending a fortune just for a couple of days.

Every extreme fashion measure comes with its baggage. Even if you are doubtful about taking hair colour too seriously, remember that it’s only a matter of few months!