Have you ever faced that awkward moment when your woman tousled your hair fondly, and all she got in return was a handful of your dead hair? Eww, right? Hair fall is a common problem discussed in men’s fashion blogs that can be handled smartly with some quick changes in your habits.


1. Stop washing your hair everyday:

Shampooing regularly may sound cool in the fashion world, but makes your hair brittle, rough and dry. The roots get eroded, thus leading to hair fall.

2. Throw away that extra hard Hair Wax:

If you are a ‘Friends’ buff, you’d know that Ross-styled extra waxed hair is so not cool. Go for the Desi Wax (Hair oil) to style your hair. The harsh chemicals present in wax and hair gels make your hair grey and loose at the edges.


3. Bye-bye Hair Dryers and Straightening Rods:

Okay. The long hair John Abraham look is old school anyway. It’s time to get a sexy Crown cut that demands zero straightening and drying. Simply hand-style your hair when wet.

4. Your natural hair color is a Gift from God:

No matter how much you adore the Tom Cruise look, you won’t look like him by copying his hair color. Your natural hair color at least lets you have hair on your head. So it’s time to get over those fancy streaks and hair color.


Hair fall can be dealt very smoothly if you treat your hair with love and care. Wow that almost rhymed!