In India, the festive season is nearing and during this season there are many family functions and meetings for which every individual prepares accordingly. During this time every man craves to be at their best as they mostly don’t get enough quality moments with their families due to their busy schedules. Although Indian men don’t get much time to give a lot of attention to themselves, during the festive season most people try to style themselves according to mens latest fashion. But many people often overlook the hidden part of styling a quality fragrance. Here is a list of top 4 best smelling deodorants in India for men this festive season.

1. HE Ruler :

This one unquestionably tops the charts, it smells amazing and its fragrance lasts for a remarkably long duration. It is valued at a reasonably low price as compared to some of its other adversaries which makes it a good option for anyone to try this during the festive season.

2. Denver extreme endurance :

It is a decent product to try during family gatherings this season as it’s aroma is quite pleasant and lasts for a fair amount of time.

3. Nivea men silver protect :

Yet another quality fragrance for men to try this Diwali season. Nivea men silver protect is reasonably low priced and its aroma is quite nice.

4. Brut attraction :

This product is on the list due to its smooth and lasting fragrance, It’s a bit expensive when compared to its rival brands but nonetheless it is still a good option for men to try this festive season.