Well, who doesn’t desire to be a debonair gentleman? Everybody does, right? And the good news is that becoming one is no rocket science, provided you accessorise accurately. To satiate your quest of becoming a gentleman, we have done our research and penned everything you need to know.

Let’s take a quick look.

1. Wrist Watches: A staple for every gentleman! :

No matter which age group you belong to, wearing a wrist watch is non-negotiable. Step up your fashion style by wearing a wrist watch complementing your attire and personality.

2. Shoes: The first thing people notice! :

As they say, “You can always judge a gentleman from his shoes”. Women have taken this saying quite seriously! So, choose your pair of shoes wisely as they may help you to pair off with your dream girl.

3. Belts: The Quintessential Accessory of a Gentleman! :

The belt is an accessory which goes well with both formal and casual outfits. A gentleman’s wardrobe is incomplete without an extensive collection of belts.

4. Sunglasses: Fifty ‘Shades’ of a Gentleman! :

Sunglasses give you a stylish edge that no other accessory can match up to, provided you pick the right type. Know your face profile before buying your pair of sunglasses.

5. Briefcases: A ‘Brief’ About a Man’s Personality :

The briefcase is a staple for every businessman/professional. It keeps you organised, and the right choice adds up to your personality.

Fashion keeps changing, but the accessories mentioned above will always feature in the latest fashion trends for the gentleman. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and add these accessories to your wardrobe if you don’t own them already. Happy Shopping!