Being tall is an advantage in our culture. Being tall can always be used in a very fruitful way but most of the times men end up paying a little too much for being taller than otters, especially when it comes –to clothing. Here are a few fashion tips to step up for game if you’re a tall man.

1. Fit

This is the most important part of clothing for tall men. There is a difference between looking at the top of your game and looking like you stole your father’s clothes. Considering that your height is more than average men, there are chances of clothing being limited to you as compared to short men. A tall man comfortable in well-fitted clothing looks like a man in charge of the world.

2. Styles that work-

Since a tall man come into the picture more easily, it is necessary that whatever the occasion may be, the man is dressed appropriately. Pieces like double breasted jackets, waistcoats, belts and patterned shoes add a lot of zing to you regular outfits.

3. Shorts and t-shirts-

Unfortunately anything that exposes your limbs simply shows how long they really are, Tall men are better off with light slacks and light dress shirts in summer, which can then be rolled a few times for a three-quarter length if desired. It looks more balanced and keeps you from looking like you’re too big for your clothes.

4. Learn to layer

In term of things that are of shorter length, learning to layer your clothes properly can make your outfit look much better. Layering is an easy way to create a longer line for various pieces

While it is a good thing to be tall, you have to know how to dress according to your height. It takes time to figure out what styles work for you personally but that is always better than wearing ill fit clothing.