Monsoon rejuvenates the soul as it brings greenery and freshness. However, the monsoon is a dreaded season for hair care. The humidity in the air can wreck your manly mane so; the question is how to maintain your hair during monsoon? Well, fret not, we have some easy hacks to help you keep your hair game on point and take on the monsoon frizz free!

1. Oiling :

Oiling your hair with warm coconut or almond oil in the monsoon saves the strands from becoming dry and brittle. Take time out from your busy schedule and indulge in a relaxing head massage. Oiling promotes blood circulation in the scalp and hydrates dry strands. Ask your mum to give you a nice “champi”. Leave your hair oiled overnight for the scalp to absorb all the goodness of the oil for a deep conditioning effect.

2. Shampoo Less :

With increased humidity in the air, sweating and greasy scalps are inevitable. However, washing your hair too often is not the best decision either. Shampoo twice a week to remove any rainwater residue. Use a mild, water-based cleansing shampoo that protects your hair and keeps it moisturised through the day. Shampooing too often can strip the natural oils from your strands, making your hair look dull and limp.

3. Condition :

Got caught in a downpour? Well, it is just the beginning of your hair woes this season. Monsoon requires you to pay a little extra attention to your hair, something that most men ignore. Hair strands get rough and dry from excess humidity and washing. The only thing that can save your mane is conditioning. Invest in a good quality conditioner to smoothen out the frizz and keep it shiny.

4. Dry your hair :

We know that latest hair trends call for the wet, dishevelled look. But trust us, you will have no hair left to impress the ladies if you do not dry your hair before leaving the house, especially in the monsoon. Rainwater is acidic and dirty, which is very harmful to your hair. Try to keep your hair dry and protect them from damage.

5. Hair Mask :

Say goodbye to your hair gels and mousse in the monsoon. These hair products are a strict no-no, as they contain harsh chemicals and ultimately cause flaky scalps. If you are too lazy, go to a salon and ask for a hair mask. Or, convince your sister to make one for you; she will be more than happy to use it herself too! Apply an organically made hair mask to keep your hair smooth and nourished.

Hair is a major part of a man’s appearance. So, if your hair lacks moisture and nourishment, it can break your external appearance. Now that you know these hair hacks, hair care in the rainy season will be an easy breezy affair for you.