Jason Momoa recently made his third visit on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show. He spoke with Jimmy via Skype from the set of See in Canada about Dune, working with Dwayne “The Rock,” and a rematch on Water Wars, a game he previously won on Fallon. Continue reading for clips and links to previous appearances.

Jason talks to Jimmy about working on Justice League with Zack Snyder and how he didn’t capture any further footage because it had already been shot. He enjoys the expanded version and is grateful that Zack was able to develop his own version of the movie. Fallon also aired a clip of an Instagram video Jason did for Dwayne Johnson’s daughter’s birthday and inquired about how he met him and whether he would ever collaborate on a film with him. Jason also talked about his role in the next Dune film, calling it “amazing” and boasting a “huge cast.” The See show has been renewed for a second and third season, according to Jason Momoa. Then Jimmy Fallon gets to show a clip from the second season as a teaser. Watch the video below to learn more.

Later in the show, Jason Momoa and Jimmy Fallon have a rematch in Water War, a game that Jason won the first time they played. To find out who wins this time, watch the video below.

While on set with Jimmy Fallon, Jason also revealed the teaser trailer for the second season of See, which he later released on Instagram. Jason was on the show twice in 2018 (HERE, HERE) and was scheduled to return in 2019, however the show was cancelled. He made his third appearance on the show this time. Hopefully, we’ll be able to attend the next one in person!